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Ali Baba was founded on family recipes & tradition. We believe that quality & authenticity come first. We use the freshest ingredients & source authentic spices for rich & bold flavors.

Ali Baba is where it all began.


The Chanaa brothers, Adam and Jalal, first hit the Dallas restaurant scene in 1989, opening the first Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill concept on Lower Greenville in a small 800 square foot venue. The little establishment quickly became a favorite to many in the East Dallas area and soon there was a line out the door and down the street daily. The brothers kept the quality of their food high and slowly increased their reach throughout the Dallas area. Over the next two decades they added several new locations, 2 in Dallas and 1 in Monterey, Mexico. Nearly 30 years later Ali Baba is still an iconic stop for locals and tourists alike.

In 2009 Adam and Jalal made plans to expand their Dallas traditions to Fort Worth with a new concept, Terra Mediterranean Grill. They kept the practice of carefully prepared, fresh, and delicious meals and paired it with a new stylish décor and name. Terra Mediterranean at West 7th was an instant success in bringing a new type of cuisine to the Fort Worth area. Terra opened in 2010 exceeding all expectations and quickly became a local favorite. In 2013 Ali Baba in Irving converted to Terra Mediterranean.

Since 2010 Adam and Jalal have perfected their recipes, revamped the menu, created new menu items, and grown each location to be what it is today. We are  known for creating classic & authentic dishes featuring staples of the Mediterranean diet. The combination of our fresh fruits & vegetables, quality meats & seafood, and authentic international ingredients create flavors that are distinctly delicious. Terra and Ali Baba have become a well known place to grab a quick, fast, & fresh lunch and a wonderful place to enjoy a glass of wine over dinner with family & friends.

We look forward to sharing our family recipes and seeing you at one of our locations soon!

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